A Few Popular Routes and Prices

When it comes to hiking guided Cape Town Hikes, we have hand-picked a few of the more popular hiking routes. These include India Venster (front face of Table Mountain, a true favourite), Platteklip Gorge (this is the go-to-route up Table Mountain, which is an outdoors staircase with a difference). Lion’s Head (between Table Mountain and Signal Hill). Diagonal, Kasteelspoort, and Corridor Ravine (all three are situated on the Camps Bay/Twelve Apostles side of Table Mountain). Skeleton Gorge/Nursery Ravine combo (Newlands side) and Devil’s Peak are two other favorites. Finally a two day hiking trail in the Cape Of Good Hope. This hike offers hikers spectacular views, secluded beaches, and overnight accommodation.

At Cape Town Hikes we do not charge seperately for half and full day hikes. You book us and we’ll take you up and down in how ever long it takes. Our aim is to please and not to rush the experience which you will savour for years to come.

Understanding the Grading System

Grade A:

Involves walking only on a path of sorts, but can on occasion entail some very minor scrambling, which doesn’t warrant a B grade.

Grade B:

Minor scrambling sometimes demanding the use of a rope, depending on exposure and experience.

Grade C:

Steeper, more serious scrambling or climbing, often in exposed positions, demanding the use of a rope for most people.

India Venster

  • R850.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: B
  • Time: 3.5 hours

India Venster is our favourite Table Mountain hiking route, and a bit more trickier than Corridor, Diagonal, and Kasteelspoort. The trail snakes up Table Mountain’s front face, partially below the cable car. Eventually it bends towards Camps Bay and the Atlantic. India Venster has a bit of everything. It offers plendid views that change every five minutes, various exciting parts with scrambling (challenging, but nothing too hectic), and many awesome view points. This route is not as straight-forward as Kasteelspoort, but it will result in an unforgettable hiking experience.

Platteklip Gorge

  • R750.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 2 hours

The name of this climb was coined by the Englishman Peter Mundy, and his two companions who made their ascent of Table Mountain in May 1634, who remarked on a large flat rock found on the route up Platteklip (meaning Flat Rock in Afrikaans). This route remains the most walked route on Table Mountain as it is the most logical choice to gain the sumit with no technical skill required and just a good hard slog with breathtaking views. This path zig-zags all the way up the Gorge and, as you gain height, the Gorge gets narrower and more interesting. The final 200m is spectacular, with huge rock walls either side, narrowing to a point of 3m. You end this route in a small valley on the top of the mountain.

Lion’s Head

  • R700.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A (with B variation)
  • Time: 2 – 3 hours

Lion’s Head, at 670m, is one of the three iconic peaks that frame the city of Cape Town. This hike is convenient with regard to time, from the city it’s slopes can be reached within 10 minutes and it’s summit can be reached within an hour of leaving the car park depending on your fitness level. It offers breathtaking 360° views of Cape Town and has Table Mountain as its backdrop. A most popular event in Cape Town is to ascend Lion’s Head on a full moon night and have a picnic supper on the summit while watching the sunset and moonrise, then descend by torchlight.


  • R950.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 3 – 4 hours

When it comes to hiking Table Mountain in Cape Town, Diagonal along the Pipe Track on the city’s Camps Bay side, is one of the most enjoyable hiking routes up. It is classified as one of the easiest trails, despite a fairly steep climb at the beginning. This popular Table Mountain hike offers you a bit of everything, without subjecting you to exposure to heights and other scary stuff. The route goes up via Porcupine Buttress (which offers splendid 360 degree views) and Jubilee Buttress, and ends on top of Table Mountain, in the Valley of the Red Gods. Way down via Kasteelspoort.


  • R900.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 5 – 6 hours to the upper cable station.

Do you want to Hike Table Mountain in Cape Town? Kasteelspoort, like Corridor Ravine and Diagonal, starts along the Pipe Track on the Camps Bay side of town. It is one of the oldest and most popular Table Mountain routes up (and down). Whilst challenging at times (you are climbing a mountain, after all), the trail doesn’t expose you to heights. There is virtually no scrambling either. The hiking trail’s name (Castle’s Gate in Dutch/Afrikaans) is derived from the Twelve Apostles’ old name, Kasteelberge (Castle Mountains). Way down with either cable car or walk the Diagonal Route.

Corridor Ravine

  • R900.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 5 – 6 hours

Corridor Ravine is the last SANParks recognised Table Mountain route along the Pipe Track, along the base of the Twelve Apostles mountain range. It is classified as one of the easy routes up, with a beautiful forest-lined gorge and spectacular views over Camps Bay, Lion’s Head and the ocean. En route, you will walk past the remains of Cape Town’s 18th century waterworks. From the top of Corridor Ravine, it is just a short walk to the famous Tranquility Cracks, a secluded labyrinth of walkways hidden in the rocks. This is where magic lives. Way down via Kasteelspoort.

Skeleton Gorge

  • R950.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 4 – 5 hours

Like India Venster, Skeleton Gorge above Kirstenbosch is more technical and strenuous than the other hikes on our list. That said, it is an exhilarating and exciting route. The trail starts off gently in Newlands Forest, before taking you up a lush, wooded, yet steep gorge. Whilst Skeleton Gorge requires scrambling and climbing ladders, hikers are not exposed to heights. The hiking route ends on the shore of the Hely-Hutchinson Dam. Besides being one of the five Table Mountain reservoirs, it is one of Cape Town’s best picnic spots. We’ll take Nursery Ravine down or add an extra 45 minutes to the upper cable station.

Devil’s Peak

  • R900.00 per person
    (discount for 3 or more persons)
  • Grade: A (with B variations)
  • Time: 5 – 6 hours (from Block House)

There are a number of trails. Some difficult and treacherous, some very easy. The easy option is starting from Tafelberg Road, approximately 2.5 km past the lower cable car station, the hiking route zig-zags up the saddle. From here, we will hike up to the top of Devil’s Peak, stopping along the way. After a stop on top and admiring the views over Table Mountain, we’ll make our way via Pulpit Rock.
For a more exciting hike with scrambling, we’ll start at Rhodes Memorial and climb up from behind the Old King’s Block House.

Cape of Good Hope Two-Day Hiking Trail

  • Price on application
    (Package deals can also be arranged)
  • Grade: A
  • Time: Two days

This two-day, one-night Cape of Good Hope Hiking Trail follows a circular route of 33.8km. It begins and ends at the entrance gate of the Cape of Good Hope.This hike offers hikers spectacular views, secluded beaches and overnight accommodation at Rooikrans in one of three cottages, each of which sleeps six.

Package includes: Collection & drop off at hotel. Conservation, hut and Guide fees as well as a bag drop off at the overnight hut. Also: Dinner at the overnight hut will be a South African style braai/BBQ prepared by the Guide himself. This trail should be on every visitor’s check list.

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Fish River Canyon – Namibia

  • Price on application
  • Grade: A
  • Time: 5 days

Come join us for our annual migration into the canyon. We have extensive knowledge of the area and guarantee to provide memories for many years to come.
It is one of the must-do, iconic hikes in Southern Africa and, for some, it is the only backpacking hike you will ever do, while others return annually.
We have successfully led many hikers along the trail which starts at Hobas in the north and ends in the south at Ai-Ais.
Hiking The Fish River Canyon is an amazing experience, however it should not be attempted by inexperienced hikers as the area is very rugged. A decent level of fitness is essential. Participants should be regular hikers/walkers who are used to walking with a full backpack. A passion for wilderness camping is a must as there are no facilities on the hike portion of this trip. This is a 5-day hike covering a total distance of about 75km.