Table Mountain Trivia

900 routes

If you’d include all rock climbing routes and variations of the main trails, you’ll have over 900 hiking routes going up and down Table Mountain. Some are tough and strenuous, many others are easier. All of these Table Mountain hiking trails however, have one thing in common: they offer an unforgettable experience.

Starry Table

Table Mountain is the only natural site on our little blue planet that has a genuine star constellation named after it, namely Mensa. This means “table” in Latin. This is thanks to the fantastic work of French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille. He drew up this small star constellation in the mid nineteenth century.


In 2011, Table Mountain was crowned one of the world’s New Seven Wonders of Nature, following a global poll organised by the New7Wonders Foundation. Like most Capetonians and hiking fanatics in particular, we couldn’t agree more with this verdict: Table Mountain is truly a natural wonder indeed.


Five Dams

Did you know that there are five water reservoirs on top of Table Mountain? There’s even a waterworks museum. Would you be interested in visiting these dams? We’ll take you! The best route up is Skeleton Gorge. This hiking trail ends at the Hely-Hutchinson Dam, which happens to be a perfect lunch spot.