Vogelgat is situated in the Kleinrivier Mountains. The highest mountain in the range is Maanskynkop (964m) which was our aim to summit the day before but an approaching cold front on the morning meant this was not going to be possible due to low lying cloud, icy winds and bad visibility. The trail is well worn and relatively easy going. We went as far as the Moon Refuge hut, unlocked and let ourselves in for a well deserved rest and lunch break away from the nasty elements. A collaborative decision was made that we weren’t going to proceed to the summit as it was pointless and the view would have been zero anyway so we headed back to the start of the trail. Next time hopefully the weather will be in our favour so that we can experience a 360 degree view of the whole region.
Despite the weather there were many flowers still prepared to show off their beautiful colours and sightings of some very lively, and magnificent, King Protea really made my day.

About Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve

The 600 ha Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve is perfect for the avid hiker, camper and photographer due to its waterfalls and unique vistas, as well as many other beautiful attractions. 35 km of this reserve is allocated to some breath-taking hiking trails, with vistas of Walker Bay and Kleinmond, waterfalls, plunge pools, majestic gorges and awesome Cape Fold Mountains. Over 900 plant species can be found here, with around 17 of them being endangered. The reserve boasts 112 bird species including a breeding pair of black eagles, baboons, klipspringer, porcupine, otters and the elusive leopard.

After close to 4 hours we got back to the gate of the reserve where we listened to some very interesting stories from Giorgio Lombardi, Vogelgat Nature Reserve Manager, while we nibbled on some rather delicious, freshly baked, Royal Belgian Waffles. http://www.belgianwaffles.co.za/.